Rad Toos


  • Design and manufacturing sample parts for automobile assemblies
  • Design and implementation of assembly and manufacturing lines and assembling of automobile parts
  • Design and manufacturing of test machines advanced laboratory services
  • Accurate services of gage manufacturing, Grinding, tools manufacturing.
  • Experimental research in automotive industry


  • Design and manufacturing of assembling line for peugeot 405 and peugeot 206
  • Front and rear axel
  • Design and manufacturing of fixtyure for peugeot 405 and 206 front/rear axel parts
  • Process design and designing of equipment for paykan and peugeot 405, ball joint assembling lines
  • Design and manufacturing of endurance test, fatique test machines, also digital torque meters
  • Obtimume operation of paykan steering system
  • Design and manufacturing of cleaning machine for automotive parts

Software and Hardware Instrument:

Laboratory Equipments:

Dimensional measurment (like : cmm, profile projector), Metalorgy, Calibration

Workshop Capabilities

Including cnc universal machines, Vmc , Heat treatment furnaces, Gage and fixtures, ...

Systemical Capabilities:

  • Library including 1000 espicial books
  • CD bank around 400 software
  • LAN network and internet
  • Inner magazin called " Majmoeh " 
In addition you can access to the other companies of group via Rad Toos , therefore is invited to engineeris to see Rad Toos.